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Cornell Baroque Organ


Burning the rack to seal pipe from moisture

This musical masterpiece represents all of our questions...this is very rare, that you can find an object that allows you to ask historical, sociological, literary, theological and scientific questions.

Anette Schwarz
Chair, Department of
German Studies


Finishing Touches

  • Front Pipes
  • Finishing Touches
  • Keyboard
  • Main Pipes


  • Handmade mechanicals
  • Installing the cabinet
  • Installing the pipes
  • Planning the construction

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Case Construction

  • Case detail
  • Anabel sidebar
  • Lapped mortice and tenon joints
  • Ruckpostitiv case frame

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Technical Drawings

  • Front in building
  • Pipe details
  • Details of front features
  • Side elevation

Historic Models

  • Cabinet
  • Keyboard
  • Gesamtansicht, ca. 1930
  • Orgelbauer Jeichert bei Stimmung vov 1930

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