Evening Recital: Duelling Keyboards, with Annette Richards and David Yearsley

Charles Burney’s Music Tour. Barnes Hall, 8pm.

Dr. Charles Burney was one of the first great music historians. On his musical tours across Europe in the 1770s he met many of the most famous musical personages of his time; he was especially interested in old music, and in the organ; he also loved duets, and on his return to London he spent many evenings with his friends and daughters at a variety of keyboard instruments, recalling and reliving his adventures. This program imagines one such evening in the Burney household, with spoken commentary from the diaries of the good Doctor himself, and four-hand performances at one or two keyboards on fortepiano, harpsichord and chamber organ, by Annette Richards and David Yearsley.

The concert is also an opportunity to showcase the work of video artist and film maker Bug Davidson (founder of the Homoscope film and art festival, and currently on the board of the OUTsider Arts festival), whose beautiful multi-channel video created for this program and projected with the live performance presents a contemporary mapping and reminagining of the experience of moving through the soundscapes of the past.