Focus on Volunteers

“I’m a pipe organ nut,” says Maureen Chapman, a semi-retired
technician in Cornell’s Food Science Lab. Working on the organ has fulfilled a lifelong dream. “My experience has been nothing short of fantastic,” she said.

working on pipeChapman helped paint the sizing on the pipe hooks and “beards,” metal protrusions around some of the pipe mouths. She also cut out some of the beards. When organ designer Munetaka Yokota
needed someone to hold down notes as he voiced the organ, Chapman sat at the console and pressed the keys. Whenever she wasn’t working at her job in food science, she could be found in Anabel Taylor Chapel, doing whatever was needed.

And on November 21, Chapman helped pump the bellows for the organ’s debut concert. “It was really wonderful,” she said, grinning ear-to-ear. “I gave Munetaka a hug.”